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Wet Hair by Japandroids

Caught these live at The Garage last night, they were totally sick. The two guys were clearly really enjoying themselves, and rightfully so. As they came on they explained that since it would be their last gig in England for the foreseeable future they would play every song from their album, which had me pretty stoked as I think all the tracks on it are boss. As a live act they completely delivered - a full on energetic performance coupled with a very true interpretation of the raw, lo-fi feel of the album. I highly recommend their release from last year, Post-Nothing, full of killer noisy tracks like this one.

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32 Leaves Dipped In Blackness Making Clouds Forming Altered Carbon by Shabazz Palaces…

Well, this is fucking mad. Crazy weird hip hop from Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler of Digable Planets. Constantly sounds like its on the verge of some sort of spontaneous combustion. Which is cool.

Can be found on s/t mini album, along with six other songs sporting equally incomprehensible song titles.

Manasto Jones: Kenneth "the Page" has become obsolete

Woke up early, early, early this morning and started catching up on this season’s episodes of 30 Rock when I realized that this used to be my favorite show, but now it’s just a place for Tina Fey & Co. to write one-liners for Tracy Morgan while they try to make Alec Baldwin look as cool as he did…

30 rock has really plummeted in quality, especially after the 3rd season break. Lame.

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So Weit Wie Noch Nie by Jürgen Paape…

Woke up this morning and decided this was the tune of the day. Perfectly crafted electronic music from Kompakt, I got a hold of this on the fabulous Total 3 compilation. The Kompakt Total series is a great listen, think they’ve gotten to 10 releases now. This is essential music for any collection, a totally flawless composition. Apparently the lyric translates to ‘further than ever before,’ or similar. Makes sense.

Loops of Your Heart, new project from Axel Willner aka The Field

Soon to have a release on Magazine. Axel Willner is also putting out some new stuff soon with John Stanier (Battles), Ada, Philipp Janzen and more as Cologne Tape.


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Ell Ess Two by Pavement…

So, just got back from seeing Pavement (on their reunion tour) + Broken Social Scene at Brixton Academy, it was off the chart. Pavement are my favourite band, and they should be yours too. This is an alternative version of Elevate Me Later - from Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain - and I must say I am rather partial to it.

So yeah, Pavement reunion totally lived up to (exceeded?) the hype. Two hours of Pavement-y goodness, all the songs sounded fresh and there were barely any notable omissions from the set (well, obviously there were quite a few, but almost every Pavement song would have been a notable omission IMO). Broken Social Scene were pretty sick too, played a mix of songs old and new, and basically seemed about as excited as everyone else in the room at the prospect of seeing Pavement. Lets hope Malkmus and co. can pull it off again in another 10 years…

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The World Is (Below The Heavens…) by Blu & Exlie

Blu is an awesome up and coming rapper, I highly recommend checking his stuff out. This is from his 2007 debut album Below The Heavens, featuring production from Exile. Quite simply, its a fantastic listen. Exile’s dense production and Blu’s great rapping play off each other amazingly. The beats have SO MUCH depth to them, its great.

Blu has a couple of other albums out, most notably with Mainframe as Johnson&Jonson - which IMO isn’t quite as great as Below The Heavens but is still fantastic - featuring collabs with Gonjasufi and Miguel Jontel, as well as an interesting almost-duet with John Lennon in sampled form.

Also, check out his remix of GngBng by FlyLo below.

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Re-Experience Any Moment You Choose by Caural

Electronica that just washes over you. I don’t really know a lot about Caural, but I discovered his music though a recommendation based on how much I like Daedelus. This song is taken from his album Mirrors For Eyes, and its blissfully relaxing. The way the music seems to flow reminds me of The Field, but a bit less dance-y. Great stuff. He has a few more albums out as well, but Mirrors For Eyes is the only one I’ve been able to find.